Build a Drawing Habit in 30 Days

Sketch 30 is a 30-day challenge where you develop your visual thinking through daily drawing.Unlike most online courses, this is one you'll put into practice and benefit from day one.

"This is the only way to learn how to draw!"

  • 4 community calls

  • 8 self-access videos

  • Private community access

  • And a portfolio of visuals you'll be proud to share.

Everything you need to share your big idea through simple sketches in just 30 days

Managed by Chris Wilson, a former TEFL teacher who saw the power of communicating visual in the classroom, and is sharing it with the world.

"You won't believe how much you will improve in just 30 days"

What you'll learn

  • Lesson 1: Why draw? (the power of sketching your message)

  • Lesson 2: How to draw anything

  • Lesson 3: How to find inspiration for your drawings

  • Lesson 4: Small details that add a lot

  • Lesson 5: Visual frameworks

  • Lesson 6: Metaphors

  • Lesson 7: Making your sketches go further

  • Lesson 8: Where to use your sketches

"You won't believe how much you will improve in just 30 days"

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